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Our board

We have assembled a skilled and experienced Board of Directors, with a mix of youth services, business and social enterprise expertise and extensive links with the Lewisham community.

As a mutual we are fundamentally owned and run by professional youth workers (70%) and Lewisham’s young people (30%). Both are represented on the board by elected staff and youth directors respectively as well as network of staff and youth forums. We have an executive management team with a track record in delivering youth services in Lewisham, with expert non-executives bringing with them new skillsets to help us take our business to the next level.

Around this ownership participation we have built our Board in a careful and considered way. Experience of the social and third sectors and a commercial focus was specifically targeted to select the right NEDs. This has brought people who are able to recognise and support the social mission but are aware of our need to grow and develop our business development capacity. This will ensure a built in preservation instinct that forms the foundation for the new business and offers the best chance of sustaining and improving youth services in Lewisham.

Board members

Paula McDonald

Interim Chair

Mash Seriki

Interim Vice Chair

Sharon Long

Interim Vice Chair

Liz Johnston-Franklin

Non-executive Director

Paulette Watson

Non-executive Director

Catriona Coleman

Non-executive Director

Susan Shakespeare

Non-executive Director

Mervyn Kaye


Linda Brookbanks

Board Secretary

Aminata Swaray

Employee Representative

Nicola Lambell

Employee Representative

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