Annual Report 2016/17

We are pleased to present here our first annual report and first year audited accounts.

We publish an annual report because as a staff and young people owned Community Benefit Society (CBS) we are determined to ensure our members (staff and young people) are kept abreast of how we are doing and can play a role in our strategic direction. We are also governed by Rules which define a need to publish a report and be registered with and overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority who recommend this as best practice.

The report summarises the year gone and looks to our future plans and challenges. It sits alongside our legally required audited accounts which give a more detailed independently audited inspection of our finances. This is also available below.

Note that our first year ran from September 2016 to August 2017, the report however has been completed alongside the audited accounts which were timed, as per our rules, to be complete within six months of our year end.

This report will also inform our first Annual General Meeting (AGM) to take place on March 22nd 2018 at TNG Youth & Community Centre. To attend please contact:


Download Annual Report 2016/17


Download Audited Accounts



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