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Design our next anti-knife crime poster

The competition to design our next anti-knife crime poster is now open again for a second round.

You can sketch your idea, create a piece of art, or use a computer to design your poster digitally.

There will be four winning designs and they will each get the chance to work with a professional graphic designer to develop their idea and produce the poster in a format that can be promoted at Youth First and in Lewisham.

A few nomination guidelines:

  • You need to be 13-26 years old to enter the competition

  • You can simply take a photo of your design - or upload a file such as a Word document or PDF.

  • Make sure the idea is your own - and that you have permission if you use any photos/graphics that aren't yours.

If you've completed your poster, you can enter the competition here:

Submit your poster now >



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