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Back to school: Connect with your local youth club or adventure playground

All of our youth clubs and adventure playgrounds in Lewisham have amazing school term-time provision for ages 8-19 years (25 yrs with Special Educational Needs) . As well as youth club and playground sessions, our sites are packed with dedicated activities.

Why not come along and be part of your local youth club or adventure playground?

Free activities include...

Youth First Football League

Performing Arts

Parkour Lessons

Table tennis coaching

Free climbing wall sessions

Martial arts and boxing

Sewing workshops

Music recording and production

Lyric Writing

Youth club and playground sessions at these great sites:

Bellingham Gateway Youth and Community Centre

Bellingham, SE6 3TT

Dumps Adventure Playground

Bellingham, SE6 3QF

Home Park Adventure Playground

Lower Sydenham, SE26 5TH

Honor Oak Adventure Playground

Honor Oak, SE4 2HU

Ladywell Fields Adventure Playground

Ladywell, SE13 7XE

The Richard MacVicar Adventure Playground

Deptford, SE8 3JB

Honor Oak Youth Club

Honor Oak, SE4 2JD

Riverside Youth Club

Deptford, SE8 3QQ

TNG Youth & Community Centre

Sydenham, SE26 6AD

Woodpecker Youth Club

New Cross, SE14 6EU

Lewisham Pop-up Youth Club

Lewisham, SE13 7FT
Activities and opening times are subject to change.

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