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Dumps Adventure Playground

Dumps is a safe and comfortable place for young people to enjoy.

The large wooden outdoor play structure is built on three levels and features ramps, walkways, swings of varying sizes, rope bridges and hideaways. They are all linked and make a great place for a game of tag. There's also large playing fields and a small animal park with rabbits and guinea pigs.

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Term-time opening times

3:00pm - 6:30pm
ages 8-19 SENSpecial Educational Needs to 25
3:00pm - 6:30pm
ages 8-19 SENSpecial Educational Needs to 25
3:00pm - 6:30pm
ages 8-19 SENSpecial Educational Needs to 25
3:00pm - 6:30pm
ages 8-19 SENSpecial Educational Needs to 25
11:00am - 4:45pm
ages 8-19 SENSpecial Educational Needs to 25
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If your child is under 8 years old they can attend our adventure playgrounds but you must accompany them at all times. Under 8s and their guardians may be asked to leave the site if the unit is over capacity.

Site contact

Nicola Lambell    Senior Youth Worker

Site Telephone: 020 8698 2991

Email: Nicola.Lambell@youthfirst.org.uk

Mobile: 07580 777 859


Outdoor playground

Learn and play chess

Table tennis and pool

Social spaces

Wooden platform court

Small animal park

Arts & crafts


Dumps Adventure Playground
14 Oakview Road, Bellingham, SE6 3QF

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Public Transport

Farmstead Road 4 min walk (0.2 miles away) 181 
Highland Croft 6 min walk (0.3 miles away) 54 
Dunfield Road 6 min walk (0.3 miles away) 336 
Beckenham Hill 8 min walk (0.4 miles away) Thameslink Southeastern 
Lower Sydenham 18 min walk (0.9 miles away) Southeastern 
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More about Dumps

Dumps Adventure Playground is one of the oldest playgrounds, built in 1973 to make use of land that had previously been derelict and used as a dump. It is from these humble origins that it gained its name.

At the time parents and children worked together to clear the land and use recycled telegraph poles and reclaimed timber to create the rope walkways and ‘bird’s nest’ views that are characteristic of the site to this day.

The site can boast three generations of staff and community who have previously been users of the site themselves and who now encourage their children to become members too.

The Dumps is a true hub of the community where you will always find a welcoming family atmosphere as well as challenging and exciting play. Recent developments have seen the addition of a media and chill out zone where young people socialise, get creative, compete in e-sports and watch movies on their own big screen. You will never get down in the dumps at the Dumps!

Accessibility: the adventure playground is partially accessible and the building is fully accessible. Please contact staff to discuss any specific needs.

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