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Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a chance for young people to visit our sites undercover to review the quality of our service and rate their overall experience.

Young people get training to understand how to evaluate the club they visit - after which they book a date to visit a site and recieve £20 for every report they complete.

Young people are our service users and therefore also the best choice for visiting and evaluating our day-to-day offer. It also gives young people a better insight to the organisation and the opportunity to learn new skills including verbal communication, written and group work. 

Use our Mystery Shoppers to evaluate your organisation!

Would you like to have your organisation, business or venue evaluated by our Mystery Shopping team? Get in touch with our Participation and Engagement officer on: engagement@youthfirst.org.uk

We're currently looking for mystery shoppers

Interested in getting involved? You could recieve up to £20 for every completed report.

To register your interest text MYSTERY and your full name to 07875 094 551 or email engagement@youthfirst.org.uk

Current site ratings

The following ratings are based on young people going to sites, reporting on their visit and rating their overal experience.  Our latest ratings are based on Mystery Shopping experiences conducted in August 2018.

Youth clubs

Bellingham Gateway - 4 out of 5
Honor Oak - 4 out of 5
Riverside - 3 out of 5
TNG - 3 out of 5
Woodpecker - 4 out of 5

Adventure playgrounds

Dumps - 3 out of 5
Home Park - 4 out of 5
Honor Oak - 3 out of 5
Ladywell Fields - 3 out of 5
Richard MacVicar, Deptford - 3 out of 5

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