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Alexandra Lambert-Cole

Hello my name is Alexandra and my priorities are to have better lighting at Home Park, all adventure playgrounds, and youth clubs as the surrounding areas are unsafe for not only young people but for the whole community. I also feel that there is a need for more speed bumps in the local areas near adventure playgrounds and youth clubs as some people speed up and down the road and this is a potential hazard for children and young people.  I would try and get funding from Local assemblies, housing associations and local businesses.  

I believe I am the best for this role because I’ve been coming to adventure playgrounds since I was young. I believe I’d be a good voice for the young people because I know how the playground works.   I have now become a volunteer at the playground that I have attended for a long time and now have a better understanding of how important youth work is. 

I have dyslexia which I don’t see as a disability or a flaw.  I see it as something that is positive because it helps me to think differently and in a sense I think differently to other people. If young people have learning difficulties I can relate to them and help them.  I believe that I will make a difference in the youth and community and be a good role model. 


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