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Amir Abdulrahman

I would like to change how adventure playground winter months are set. When the playground is wet or too dark, we have limited space inside the building to do most activities. We could use school buildings or sport halls/churches as an alternative. Funding this shouldn’t be too expensive.  We could work with schools and other groups to let us use their space when they are not using them (out of school hours) or other Youth First centres that are not in use that day as long as they are local.  This is being done at my youth club however the space isn’t always available.

Building repairs - there are a lot of repairs needed to sites that I have visited and attended. I would like to work with staff to ensure that the building works are completed.

Joint site sessions – I would like to get all Youth First sites together to take part in different activities and tournaments and also get to know each other. This is something the Youth Forum can arrange and sites could split the costs for travel or use public transport.

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