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Jake Maxwell

Hi, my name is Jake, I’m 16 years old and I have been attending Home Park Adventure Playground nearly my whole life. Over the years I have grown a connection with the workers. I have decided to run for Youth Director. I think I am best for this role because where I have a disability I can speak on behalf of other young people who are going through what I have. I am respectful and well-mannered towards adults and my peers. I am determined to achieve my goals and to be a good role model to other young people.

I want to make a change in the youth itself. Over the years I have watched youth grow more violent and I want to put an end to that. The way I am going to do this is firstly I am going to push for more CCTV on the street, due to the fact that I feel as if there isn’t enough. Secondly I want to build a program for young people to be able to reach out to the community around me. The way I believe I can do this is, for example, we could help elderly people with their shopping. Lastly I want to create an online safety program for parents that will be set up with youth clubs and shared with schools.

To do this I will need to be able to raise money to help support my ideas. The way I want to raise money is to arrange fun days for the community.  I would also attend and request funding from local assemblies where the members of the community can speak.   I will also appeal to housing associations and local businesses to help support this.

I won’t be able to do this without speaking to young people so please vote for me and we can make that change together. So please vote for me. Thank you.

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