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Tia Evie Morgan

Hi. My name is Tia-Evie, I am sixteen years old. I have been attending Honor Oak Adventure Playground from the age of six. Being with Youth First has increased my confidence in many ways such as performing as a singer and also communicating. Through the six weeks holidays I did voluntary work and this gave me an idea of what it is like working with young people.

Things I am passionate about are music and bringing out hidden talents in others and helping to identify future careers for young people.

Something unique about me is that I can listen to young people and give them advice, also they could confide in me.

I think you should vote for me because I could make a major difference as I’ve been through things I don’t want anyone else going through and I want to be able to prevent that.

My main role would be finding hidden talents in young people and identifying future careers as this would take them off the streets.

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