WATCH VIDEO: Young people transform Bellingham tunnel walkway bringing positive vibes to the community

13th July 2018

Last week Thursday saw the official launch of the newly finished Bellingham Tunnel mural. The walkway, which is part of the Riverview and River Pool Linear Park, was dramatically transformed by a colourful and nature-inspired display, designed and executed with the help of young people in the local community.

Jasmine Parker local artist

The project was led by mural artist Jasmine Parker and funded by Bellingham Assembly. Jasmine approached Youth First Operations Manager, Aminata Swaray about her vision to work with Bellingham young people in renovating the dark and gloomy space.

In a film created by Darae Palmer of YOYO about the process, Aminata Swaray said: "This is such a positive experience for young people; also for the community to see what young people can do, what they are really about, see their potential and how they can be a positive contribution to the community."

On the night of the launch, Councillor Alan Hall spoke about the exciting project saying: "The dark and damp tunnel has been made a happier and friendlier place thanks to a local artist, the local youth club and young people of Bellingham. The community is coming together in tough times."

YOYO filming the project

A special thanks to Jasmine Parker and Darae Palmer for their hard work and determination throughout this project and of course a huge thank you to all the young people who have made a positive change in the Bellingham community for the better.

You can watch the video documentary and see the fantastic mural on Youtube.




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