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The Lockdown Diaries

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The whole of the UK is currently in lockdown and we want to hear your experience. It's really simple to get involved just:

  1. Write a diary entry starting with the words ‘Dear Diary…’
  2. If you don't want to write, use photos, video or create art to capture your diary visually
  3. Finally, send your diary entry to Charlotte
    Email charlotte.lavender@youthfirst.org.uk OR WhatsApp to 07392191237 OR upload and submit your entry by clicking the button below.


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Optional templates

Templates for writing diaries

Microsoft Word Document
Google Drive Document

Templates for Insta stories diaries

p.s you can also find these in the 'Diaries' highlights on our Instagram profile

Need some inspiration?
Check out these ideas…

 Write a poem or lyric

If I had a blog I’d call it…

Take a photo & caption it (make sure it starts with Dear Diary…)

Write words you think the world needs to hear

How do you feel? Why? What happened today?

How do you define yourself?

Something I learned today

My favourite memory is…

Quote of the day

Three things I miss right now are…

If you could know one thing about the future, what would it be?

Three things I’m excited about right now…

What is something you feel nervous about right now?

Someone you consider to be a real hero & why

I get mad when…

10 things that make you smile

I’m happiest when…

When things seem tough I want to remember…

When this lockdown is over I want to…

If I could add, change or cancel one rule at home it would be…

One good thing about lockdown is…

Say something nice about your best friends(s)

If I wrote an autobiography it would be called…

If I had a blog I’d call it…



  • Maximum of 4 pages
  • You should not mention other people by name unless you have their consent
  • Any photo entries shouldn’t have anyone in it without their consent
  • Be careful what else is in your photo in the background
  • Respect other people
  • Only post or repost your own entries
  • Not disclose any private information
  • Not contain any rude or offensive language or comments
  • Please be aware that if you do share anything that we think might put you or someone else in danger, we will need to pass this on
  • Have fun!



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