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Marketing & Communications

Closes on: 11th June 2021
Location: London Borough of Lewisham


Youth First was formed from the London Borough of Lewisham’s Youth Service in September 2016 in order to sustain and grow youth provision for children and young people aged 8-19 (up to 25 with special needs). Our current focus is delivering exciting activities and programs to young people in the borough of Lewisham; to provide an early intervention service for young people; and support and mentor young people to achieve their full potential. 

This is an exciting time for Youth First as we have just entered a new four-year contract and we now have the opportunity to build on this and develop new youth work delivery including looking to expand outside of Lewisham. 

To support our work and development we are seeking to appoint an experienced Marketing and Communications function. 

For more information on us, explore the website or find us on Instagram and Facebook. 

What we need

A marketing and communications function which will support Youth First’s business objectives. We would want to work with the provider to develop both an internal and external strategy with set outcomes specifically aroundengagement, attendance at our provision and follower growth. The provider would then continually develop and facilitate these strategies. This will include methods to achieve:

  • Marketing of our provision to ensure attendance to our programs – specifically to ensure reach to those who will benefit the most. This will be via channels best suited to this – at present we maintain a presence on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and Facebook with Insta being the most successful channel to date in terms of attracting young people. Our marketing is however aimed at different audiences including young people, parents other stakeholders and we would want a plan and activity that could support these different audiences. 
  • Marketing and comms support to facilitate income generation activities - including fundraising campaigns. 
  • Maintenance of our website - including content posting and creation on a weekly basis.
  • Support to create media content for our web and social media channels
  • Support for corporate comms activities including annual reports, CEO and Director presentations 
  • Provision of reporting and analysis of marketing data and strong strategic use of this for the above
  • Willingness to work with an intern or apprentice who has a link with the Youth First community

How to apply

Please provide a document of no more than 2 side of A4 that sets out:

  1. Why you want to work with Youth First
  2. Your experience and skillset and how this will facilitate our work
  3. Your suggested deliverables against our requirements and the capacity you will offer to meet these
  4. The costs to achieve this with clear understanding of scalability and associated costs based on an annual budget of c.£40k

We will use this to shortlist potential providers to come for interview. 

Please provide this to paul.jansen@runandjump.co.uk by 5pm on 11/6/21. 

We will look to interview potential providers in the week following for a 1/7/21 start date. 



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