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One-to-one support service

Thanks to funding from Lewisham Council, we offer a support & mentoring service for young people across Lewisham. 

‘I got along well with my mentor during the sessions, it was easy to speak my mind without any sort of judgement.’


Our support and mentoring service includes regular one-to-one sessions between a young person and a Youth First key worker. This provides the opportunity for a young person to build a relationship with a trusted adult in a less formal setting, such as a youth club and community activities.

We have directly supported 89 young people through our mentoring programme since April 2022 and 75% of young people found the one-to-one support helped them to make progress in their mental health and wellbeing.

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One-to-one contact

If you want to know more information on this service, please get in contact with Aminata Swaray.

Aminata Swaray

Interim Joint Head of Operations, Targeted Work

Mobile: 07580 777 851