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Fight Against Racism

Introduction to Youth Fight Against Racism Project

Calling all Community's!

We have all seen the recent events unfold and the effects of racism and the change that is taking place internationally as racism can no longer be ignored. We know many of you have been affected or know people who may have been affected and we are now excited to be opening the doors to the Fight Against Racism Project. This project is where all young people can have their voice heard and play a positive active part of bringing about change and awareness, and take a stand against racism.

We have weekly interactive fun workshops where you get the opportunity to share your experiences, views and ideas which we develop together to be an active part of the solution in a safe positive environment. Join the conversation, be part of the solution and lets continue to bring your great ideas to life. You can be part Fight Against Racism Project joining our interactive online zoom sessions.

Online workshops

A seven-week series of workshops for all young people aged 13-19yrs (up to 25 with SEND). Each week we will all be delivering workshops, which will focus on a variety of topics and developing ideas to Fight Against Racism.

We will be continuing to develop and launch the projects design bus-pass oyster card holder competition to run throughout the summer, using the slogans, hashtags, that have been already been developed where the winning design will be printed and publicised borough wide, as well as the Virtual Black British History competition with weekly prizes to be won.

The Fight Against Racism Project runs on Wednesday’s from Wednesday 16th September at 4:45pm on Zoom -

If you would like to join the Fight Against Racism Project please register by completing the consent form.

Register now

To sign up  please make sure a parent/guardian completes the consent form. Once you have registered we'll be in contact with the session details.

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