Safeguarding roles and responsibilities

If you have a safeguarding concern

If you are have a safeguarding concern relating to Youth First please contact: Aminata Swaray, Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) on or on 07580 777851. You can also contact the deputy DSL, Muhammad Rahmani via

If you need urgent support, please click here.

Roles and responsibilities

All Youth First staff members (including trustees and volunteers) have the following responsibilities, to: 

The following positions have specific safeguarding responsibilities within the organisation. 

Senior Management Team  

The Senior Management Team are responsible for the implementation of the policy and its accompanying procedures across their areas of responsibility. They must ensure any safeguarding concerns, allegations or incidents have been reported and that any children and adults involved in Youth First's work are ultimately safeguarded. They will do this by regularly reviewing and reporting on the quality, consistency and effectiveness of safeguarding practice in their area of responsibility.

Operations Manager, Aminata Swaray, is the DSL and Muhammad Rahmani is the deputy DSL.


Managers are responsible for overseeing the safe delivery, quality and effectiveness of work and services and promoting good practice across their areas of responsibility.  

This includes: 

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive is responsible for ensuring Youth First has, and regularly reviews, an appropriate and effective safeguarding policy, there are clear lines of accountability and that the Senior Management Team has the resources to implement these across all areas of their work. They must advise the Board of Trustees of any major causes of concern and present the annual safeguarding report for approval.

Board of Trustees 

Everyone at Youth First is responsible for safeguarding. Our Board of Trustees helps to ensure effective safeguarding practice throughout the organisation so that Youth First  is a safe place for children, young people and adults including staff and volunteers. They do this by keeping safeguarding on the agenda at all times, ensuring safeguarding policies and guidance are approved, implemented and monitored and taking action when necessary.

The Board has appointed Susan Shakespeare as the safeguarding trustee.