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Times are changing...

22 April 2021

Changes due to coronavirus

We’re excited to announce that as lockdown measures ease, we’re able to increase the capacity within our sessions for young people in Lewisham.

Based on the National Youth Agency’s Covid-19 guidance, we no longer need to work in bubble systems with under 18s, meaning we can now offer provision to more young people at any one time. This includes:

  1. Online and virtual youth work

  2. Detached and outreach work (outdoor work such as our Street-based team)

  3. 1-2-1 support for young people indoors

  4. Trips and visits where appropriate

For the NYA’s full guidance visit https://nya.org.uk/guidance/

COVID-19 is still active, so it’s essential we continue to assess risk and be responsible with the activities and provision that we provide - taking into account everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

Excellent provision across the last 12 months

During this last year, the team at Youth First have continued to successfully deliver excellent provision to young people and the community in a variety of ways. Including [and extending beyond]: 

  • Live Cook-Alongs, Quizzes and Fitness routines

  • Care packages 

  • Providing young people with access to laptops

  • Face-to-face activities in the evenings, during the weekends and during school holidays

  • Zoom sessions and online projects

  • Sports 

  • 1-2-1 support and referral to services

  • LGBTQ+ provision online

  • Food packages in partnership with Legendary Community Club

  • What’s the Risk safety workshops

  • Creative projects (dance, drama, music, textiles) as part of the Carnival programme

Changes due to a new contract

As of 1st April 2021, Youth First’s delivery has also changed due to a new contract with Lewisham Council. The Council’s investment means Youth First can continue to exist and do youth work across the borough, with a platform to grow in the future. However, our funding has reduced significantly so we’ve had to scale down our delivery to young people. This means we will be delivering fewer sessions, but thankfully we will continue to deliver from all ten sites, with exception to Riverside Youth Club (see leaflet below).

There will be three sessions per week from each Youth Club, and two sessions per week from each Adventure Playground. These changes have also resulted in movement of staff within the service. 

Youth First is committed to providing the best possible service for young people in Lewisham, despite these changes.

In light of the restructure, Youth First will therefore be temporarily reducing delivery in May 2021 for training, induction and rearrangement of the staff team.

For more information on the new contract, download our change leaflet...

Changes leaflet




Keep up to date

You can stay up-to-date by visiting our website and social media channels. We also encourage people to keep in regular contact with their local Youth Club or Adventure playground.


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