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Youth Stories of Lewisham

Nominations now open for 2019

Whether present or past - we’re looking for inspirational stories of young people in Lewisham. Nominations are now open for 2019.

Do you have a positive youth story or know a young person with one? Help us showcase the stories of success, inspiration and transformation by nominating a young person’s story today.

A few nomination guidelines:

  • Anyone can make a story nomination - the subject of the story can be yourself OR somebody else

  • We're looking for stories of success, inspiration and transformation.

  • The subject of the story should:

    • Be aged 13-29 years old at the time of the nomination

    • Have lived, grown-up, gone to school, attended a youth club or adventure playground, or worked in the Borough of Lewisham.

  • Do not share a story with private or sensitive information unless you have permission from the subject.

Make your nomination today:

Nominate a positive youth story here >


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