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Our mission is, quite simply, to improve the lives of young people.

Lewisham is one of the most diverse boroughs in Britain. Every day, we see young people’s passion, skill and enthusiasm in our youth clubs and adventure playgrounds. Some of them go on to make a name for themselves as sports professionals, entrepreneurs, and musicians, and we are rightly proud to have played a part in helping them get there.

But sadly, all too often, we see young people struggling against poverty, difficult home lives, anxieties about personal safety and what the future holds for them. All of these things have been magnified by COVID-19. These challenges can limit young people’s ambition and confidence, which is where we come in. We work with around 5,000 young people every year to give them the confidence and resilience to develop a can-do attitude, take on responsibilities, and collaborate with others.
You can help us change lives, putting the next generation first.

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