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Corporate support

Lack of skills and resilience undermine young people’s success. Young people are the employees of tomorrow and investing in them now will benefit your business. Businesses have the resources to make a difference to young people’s lives. 

Contact our Business Manager to find out more about how your business can support our work and transform lives through open access youth work.

Partnering with us
By working in partnership with us, you can make a real difference to young people’s lives in Lewisham. We will provide everything you and your people need to fundraise or volunteer with us. We provide reports and evidence of where support from partner companies and their employees goes. We can also work with you to create bespoke opportunities that meet your CSR and business objectives. 

Employee engagement
Your organisation can make all the difference to Lewisham young people. We provide resources for workplace giving, skills-based volunteering, team building and challenge events at our adventure playgrounds and clubs.

Working with suppliers, customers and peers
Fundraising events that include your suppliers and clients can be a great way to showcase your CSR efforts. Or how about working with us to create a product or service for your business that has mutual benefits?

Sponsorship and branding 
Youth First works across Lewisham. Contact us about opportunities to sponsor activities, events and facilities. 

Choose us as your Charity of the Year
Why not support us all year round? Nominate Youth First as your Charity of the Year. 

Support us through the year with fundraising activities for your employees to get involved with. Your business could make a tangible impact on young people whilst building employee team spirit. We can help and advise you to get the ball rolling. 

Contact our Business Manager to find out more

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