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Why volunteer?

Volunteering is an amazing opportunity for you to experience what it is like to be a part of an organisation that interests you. As a volunteer you will be giving your time freely, providing opportunities for you to: 

  • Make a difference 
  • Meet new people
  • Use your existing skills in a meaningful way
  • Gain transferable skills 
  • Build your confidence and more. 

Charitable organisations such as Youth First greatly appreciate the support and contribution of volunteers. They bring fresh ideas, positive energy and are motivated with a can do and willing attitude. 

Why should I choose Youth First?

Interesting facts that show how staff and young people are valued at Youth First:

  • Previously known as Lewisham Youth services, all staff were invited to vote for the future of the organisation, the majority voted to become a mutual.
  • Staff had the opportunity to anonymously give ideas for our new organisation's name. Names submitted were then made known to all staff who then voted for the best name. You guessed it Youth First came out on top.
  • Having four youth directors means that our young people are our service users as well as important decision makers. They are invited to represent the young people at special events and sit in meetings with executive management, site seniors, youth workers and youth forum members.
  • All our sites have youth forum groups who meet frequently. Youth forum members are some of our most committed members who dedicate their time to be the voice for our young people. They meet within their individual sites or at a central location 3 times a year for borough wide meetings. The content of the meetings varies depending on current circumstances and identified areas of interest. Example meeting discussions may include: making suggestions to improve the quality of the service; discussing issues presented to them by other young people and planning fundraising events for trips; residentials; community needs and on site activities.    

With a new Youth First volunteer structure, the value held for staff and young people will be extended to our volunteers. 

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