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Session 4, Headphones

How it's made: Headphones

This weeks watch and learn is all about Headphone manufacturing. The Watch + Learn material will teach you how headphones are made.

Win the competition

There are two different ways to take part in Watch + Learn for your chance to be a competition winner:

  1. Create some art e.g. draw a picture; build something; design a piece etc
  2. OR, answer the questions about the programme (see below).

Send your entries to Ashleigh - WhatsApp/Text her on 07375 451529 or email her at Ashleigh.Barnett@youthfirst.org.uk​

Watch + Learn prize

Enter the competition for your chance to win a brand new set of bluetooth headphones! ⚡️ Don't miss out! ⚡️ Make sure you enter before the competition deadline:

This competition closes for entries on Friday 3rd July 2020, 6pm.


1. What part of the headphones are made first?

2. What is the critical component of the headphones?

3. What is used to seal the covers to the diaphragm?

4. How many wires are attached to each headphone speaker?

5. What does she do to attach the wires?

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