Open Access Provision

We utilise the power of relationships with Youth, Play and Community Workers to provide young people with safe places to go, fun activities and a range of support to help them stay safe, enjoy their lives and grow to achieve their potential. 

From five youth centres and five adventure playgrounds across the London Borough of Lewisham, we deliver open-access provision to young people aged 8 to 19, and up to 25 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This "open door" provision allows for early intervention and is further supported by a street-based team and targeted projects funded by our generous partners.

"I really do love this place it's like my second home and makes me feel wanted."

Our team and partners provide personal safety training, music, arts and theatre workshops, cooking programmes, sports sessions and much more - to thousands of young people every year - using our centres as hubs to deliver many of these programmes. 

Every site is strategically located to serve the surrounding local community. In this way, we positively impact the young people we work with and the communities and society they exist within.

Learn more about the current opportunities available to young people at individual sites, here:

Youth clubs

Adventure playgrounds