Youth Engagement

Information on Youth Voice is subject to change.

The term “Youth Voice” is the way in which Young People are able to share their interests, needs, and perspectives in decisions that affect their learning and lives. Young People can express their voice in a variety of ways and through different methods. Young people being able to express their voice relies on them having a platform to do this as well as being listened to, leading to empowerment, a sense of belonging and feeling valued.

Youth Forums

A youth forum is run and developed by young people for young people. Youth forums exist to represent the views of young people, giving them the opportunity to be heard on their ideas, opinions and needs. This creates a space where young people can discuss issues, engage with decision makers such as youth workers, our governance board and staff of other organisations, and contribute to improving and developing services for young people especially our own - Youth First.

Local Youth Forum meetings happen monthly or quarterly at each of our youth clubs and adventure playgrounds. These sessions are made up of 5-10 local young people each of whom are regular users of the service.

This is the platform where young people can make suggestions, changes and keep staff aware of what they feel are the needs for young people in their own locality. They can bring up any matters that they feel need to be discussed, for example accessing some additional support when they come to the Adventure Playground or Youth Club. Most things that are mentioned in this forum can be ongoing ideas that get implemented but the suggestion of shorter term projects and activities can also be discussed. 

Once a term, usually during the half-term break, we host a Borough-wide Youth Forum meeting made up of young people who attend our provision across the Borough as well as the members of individual Local Youth Forums. During this meeting we focus on a relevant and topical issue, decided by young people, including input from partners. Recent topics have included social media, knife crime, health relationships and fundraising.

Our first ever borough-wide Youth Forum trip took us to "Locked in a Room" where the young people had the opportunity to have fun together and be rewarded for their important contributions.

Here's what some of our Staff have to say about the Youth Forum...

At the Boroughwide you can expect to take part in activities, talk to specialist organisations and share ideas, knowledge and opinions with other young people.  You will also hear about organisation updates, opportunities and other projects in the Borough. 

Why Join a Youth Forum?

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Youth Voice Coordinator

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