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Spice it up with these Zoom backgrounds

Many of us are familiar with Zoom, the online group video platform which we use to run all our virtual projects. But did you know you can select a virtual background and enter a whole new world?

With that in mind, let's spice up the Zoom experience. We've collated a few places where you can find some awesome Zoom background and we've made a few of our own too - and you can download any of them to use.

Guide on using Zoom virtual backgrounds

If you need help on how to download an image and use it as a virtual background, we've made a handy guide which you can find here:

How to use Zoom Virtual Backgrounds >


GoPro: Adventure virtual backgrounds

Visit GoPro's backgrounds >


Cartoons: Simpsons, Family Guy and Bob's Burgers

See the backgrounds >


Cool Virtual Reality Backgrounds

See all backgrounds >


Cities around the world

See all backgrounds >


Pixar: Monsters Inc, UP, Coco and much more!

See backgrounds >

Disney: Moana, Frozen, Princess and the Frog and more

See backgrounds >

Nickelodeon backgrounds: Spongebob Squarepants, The Last Air Bender and more

See all backgrounds >


Youth First - Colour array

See all backgrounds >

Sesame Street Backgrounds

See all backgrounds >

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